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A Method for Ensuring Historical Match-Ups in DBA Tournaments

By Stuart Roe

This is just an idea I had for those who might want to have an all historical, yet bring your own armies tournament. Have the players bring two armies (or more if you so desire) that are historical opponents. Match the players up as opponents and have them roll off. The low scorer chooses who's set of armies with which to play and the high scorer the chooses which army he wishes to command. Play then continues as normal.

The armies do not need to be all option and since one cannot be sure which army he will be using players will tend to bring matchups they believe are evenly matched. This should satisfy those who believe nonhistorical is "fantasy" and allow one to explain to innocent bystanders the game without having to justify Vikings vs. Burmese.

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Last Updated: May 21, 2003

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