Sargon of Akkad,
the King of Battles
2400-2301 BC

DBA Tournament Theme

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The following is a breakdown of eligible armies by book for use in a DBA theme tournament featuring the age of Sargon of Akkad (2400-2301 BC), developed by the Portsmouth and Allied Wargamers (PAWS) as their Spring 2008 Tournament theme. 

Sargon of Akkad Allowed Armies

I/1c  Sumerian
I/2a  Early Egyptian
I/3  Nubian
I/4a  Zagros Highlanders
I/5b  Early Susiana & Elam
I/6a  Early Bedouin
I/7a  Early Libyan
I/8a  Makkan, Dilmun, Saba, Ma'in & Qataban
I/9   Early Syrian
I/10  Melukhkhan & Pre-Vedi Indian
I/11a Akkadian (Sargon)


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