DBA Scramble Touranment

By Will Michael (aka Pavane)

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The object of the Stratford Scramble Tournament is to emphasize player skill over army selection by having players use a different army in each round.  Each player brings a valid 12-element army, camp (camp follower element optional) and only enough terrain for one legal battlefield as the defender.  Armies with dismounting elements may only bring the mounted or dismounted element; there is no dismounting allowed.  The 12-element army and terrain choices cannot be changed between rounds.  Players can lay the terrain as they desire, but all pieces supplied must be used.  All of the players' armies are placed in a pool and will be assigned to each player before each round.  No one will use the same army twice or play the same opponent twice if at all possible. Note that a small tray to hold your army will facilitate movement between players and tables.

On the first round players, and the armies they will use, are assigned randomly, but players will not be assigned their own army until the final round. On subsequent rounds players will be matched using their accumulated score, with the top scoring player playing against the player with the second highest score, the third and fourth highest scoring playing together, etc.  The allocation of armies is based on the accumulated score of each army.  The top scoring player will be assigned the lowest scoring army; the second highest scoring player will receive the second lowest scoring army, etc.  Players may not be assigned their own army, or an army that they have already played. On the final round everyone will play with their own army.  Players are matched using their accumulated score.

Players will generally benefit from choosing an army that they have mastered, yet others find difficult to play.  This can be further exploited by including terrain that is less advantageous for that army.  Expect to see armies that would never be used in a traditional open tournament format as players try to handicap their opponents with challenging armies to play.


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Photo Credit: Close-up from DBA Scramble Tournament at 2010 Fall In! Convention, by Will Michael (aka Pavane)

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