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The following is based on the DBA League tournament organized by Bob Beattie for the Historicon 2001 convention.

A DBA League can be conducted as a single elimination or round-robin style tournament, or with a special play-off system, with winners of single-elimination pools advancing on to a round-robin final for the cup.

What distinquishes a League, however, is that the duration of the tournament is extended from a single day or multi-hour session to encompass an entire convention. This format helps players schedule their DBA tournament play time to avoid conflicts with other convention activities. A League could even be conducted over an extended time limit (e.g. several weeks or months) as part of an on-going club competition.

In a convention format, participants are required to sign-up at the beginning of the convention, and are slotted into blocks on the League status board. Each block is connected to another block(s), which identifies that player's prospective opponent(s). A League status board could be as simple as:

John Smith Jane Doe Jean Dunn Jan Dean Joe Smyth
John Smith NA
Jane Doe NA
Jean Dunn NA
Jan Dean NA
Joe Smyth NA

Players are on their own to schedule games at a mutually conventient time against corresponding opponents and report the results sometime before the designated end-time of the DBA League. A designated meeting place and status board (with place to pin up notes) should be available to the players for this purpose, along with a reserved gaming space, boards, and terrain. Players are expected to provide their own armies, dice, rulers, etc.

Since players are on their own for the most part and an umpire will generally not be available, they are expected to abide by the tenets of good sportsmanship and report their results on the honor system. To assist, a standard set of rules interpretations can be adopted in advance for use by all League participants.

It is very likely that one or more entrants in a DBA League will drop out of the tournament or fail to schedule and complete all of their games. Or two players may not be able to find a mutually convenient time to schedule their game before time expires. Some system for dealing with drop-outs and non-games is needed.

In Bob Beattie's League Tournament at Historicon 2001, participants will compete in 5 player pools. Each pool winner will then go on compete against winners of other pools for the DBA Cup.

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Last Updated: May 16, 2003

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