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A "Campaign-Style" Mini-Tournament

This tournament format is designed with a historical context and is set in 7th century Britain.

The tournament is designed for eight players, with each player involved in four games during a five hour convention or game-day time slot. It is recommended that the organizer provide all required armies and gaming materials.

Players roll die or draw cards, breaking any ties, until a selection order can be determined from 1-8. Following the selection order, players then choose an army from the following list:

Group A
The North
  • Angles of Northumbria (III/24b)
  • Scots of Dalraida (II/54b)
  • Picts (II/68b)
  • Britons of Strathclyde (II/81d)
Group B
The South
  • West Saxons (III/24b)
  • East Saxons (III/24b)
  • Sub-Roman Brits (II/81d)
  • Welsh (III/19a)

Alternatively, the umpire can assign armies as desired or allocate them in the order in which players registered for the event.

Group A and Group B players each play a round-robin series of three regular DBA games within their group, with the overall winner in each group determined by total victories. Reserve three hours for the round-robin portion, roughly one hour per round minus the time required for instructions and distribution of armies. If two or more players are tied in victories, the tie-breakers are 1) the winner in head to head competition, and 2) total points (using a predetermined points system).

Once the Northern and Southern contenders for the title of Bretwalda are determined, all eight players then engage in a four on four DBA Giant Battle finale, North vs. South, with the winners of each round-robin acting as Commander-in-Chief and with all armies at full strength. Reserve two hours for the Giant Battle round, including wrap-up and distribution of prizes.

The army lists used for this scenario can easily be adjusted within the Dark Ages British theme and/or extended to other periods and regions (e.g. Rome vs. Barbarians, etc.).

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Last Updated: May 16, 2003

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