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The following is a collection of tools and utilities submitted as an aid to DBA players:

DBA Player by Will Johnson: "I have posted a new program called DBA Player onto the Solo Wargamers Association website. This program will run a game of DBA on your PC or Laptop. The advantage of DBA Player over DBAOL is in set up time, and you get to see the whole board at once, which is not always eay with DBAOL. It can be used for email games, and solitaire games. The whole game is editable, with the graphics being stored externally to the program, so anyone with more artistic talent than myself, which must be most wargamers, can alter the graphics to suit himself. I have also supplied the source code to allow interested gamers to edit the origianl code if they wish. The program is stored in the downloads section of either the "Services" menu heading or the "Members only" menu heading, but only for site visitors willing to register with the website and log on. There is no cost to registering, and this will not sign you up to loads of spam or other emails."

BUA Element Status (HTML) by Bob Beattie (a chart to help decipher the status of various element types in a BUA under various circumstances).

DBA 2.0 Army Index (PDF) by Duane Rock.

DBA 2.0 Armies By Point Value (Excel) by Philip Woutat (comparison of DBA 2.0 armies by various point systems).

DBA Big Battle Allies (HTML) by Mike Stelzer (a quick reference to aid when selecting potential tournament armies).

DBA Combat Factors Matrix (Excel97) by David King (programmed to calculate combat comparisons).

DBA Combat Odds/Outcomes Matrix (HTML) by Michael Viacroze

DBA Rulers (PDF) (also PCX) by Chris Milne.

Distance Shooting Range Templates (PDF)(also PCX) by Chris Milne.

DBX Combat Outcomes Calculator (.EXE File) by Jeff Young (Windows-based C++ program which will calculate the odds of achieving various outcomes based on troop factor matchups. It was designed for DBM 3.0 and takes into account troop grades, but can be used equally well with DBA if the grades are simply left at ordinary.)

DBX Movement Gauge (PDF) by Nick Whitlock, the Somerset Warrior. (15mm scale).

FeldMachink (HTML) by the Perfect Captain (device for simulating hidden movement on the table top).

Onomastikon by Kate Monk (a web-based database provides a tool for obtaining historically-appropriate names for generals and rulers in your DBA campaigns, games, etc.

Pair Me! Light is a PC-based wargame tournament management tool developed by Fanatici Jerboa.

Swiss Chess Pairing Utility by Rob Brennan (a command line utility which generates pairings for a comp from text files in which you enter the game scores. It has a number of "wargames-specific" options for historical draws or avoiding pairing compeditors from the same club in the early rounds of a competition, etc.).

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