Ploughed Land

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Ploughed land is a variant terrain type, available only as optional terrain feature for Arable armies.  It should be roughly rectangular in shape, subject to the normal minimum and maximum size requirements for Area Terrain Features.

When placed, ploughed land is treated as normal good going.  After the first result of 1 on a PIP die roll by either player, the ploughed land becomes bad going terrain for the balance of the game, simulating the effect of a heavy rain on freshly turned soil.

Since it is initially a type of good going terrain, ploughed land does not satisfy the bad going terrain requirements for deployment

This variant is inspired by a tentative terrain rule proposed by Phil Barker for DBA 3.0.

Scratch-building tip:  You can buy ploughed fields from various makers of wargaming scenics or make your own.  Ploughed fields are easy to scratch-build, and can be made with a variety of techniques and materials, including brown corduroy material, corrugated cardboard, or latex or plaster applied to a base with a plastering tool to create furrows.  Certain types of brown indoor-outdoor carpet found at home improvement stores like Home Depot/Lowes have an appearance similar to ploughed fields and the free carpet samples are the perfect size for your DBA gameboard.

Fanatici Feedback

See discussion and variations on this proposed terrain adjustment system in the Fanaticus Forum.

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