Terrain Adjustment System

By David Kuijt

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In DBA tournaments, it is not uncommon to see highly symmetrical terrain placements (e.g. the Box, the X, etc.) designed to maximize the Defender's terrain advantages regardless of what home board edge is rolled.  The real issue in preventing such terrain deployments is giving the defender perfect control of terrain position and shape. In a perfect world it would be nice to have imperfect defender positioning.  What is needed is a system that is DBA-simple.   Here is my suggestion:
  • Defender positions all terrain as currently.
  • Attacker rolls 1d6 for each terrain piece. On a "1" he may shift that piece up to 100p in any direction he chooses, or spin it up to 45 degrees on its center (not both -- just one choice). Each piece must be rolled for and repositioned (or not) before moving to another piece.
  • If the table has less than the maximum number of terrain pieces, the Attacker rolls once more, and on a 1-2 he may place one additional area terrain piece of no more than 2 BW by 2 BW size. If the Attacker chooses to place such a piece, the Defender has the same chance to move it (roll a 1 on 1d6).
  • If additional terrain is added, it must be of a legal type and within the total number for that type allowed.
  • No adjustments allowed for rivers, waterways or roads.
  • After all adjustments, roll for board edge as normal
Fast and simple -- but would reduce symmetric terrain (a terrain with four area terrain pieces would have something moved or rotated about 50% of the time)

Fanatici Feedback

See discussion and variations on this proposed terrain adjustment system in the Fanaticus Forum.

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Last Updated: 18 August 2015

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