Attrition Effects

By John Hills

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Having an element shoved half way across the table by an enemy element without any apparent ill-effect can be hard to swallow (at least for my friends). Here is a system to simulate attrition and the morale effects of retrograde movement.

Each time an element recoils or flees, it picks up a 'hit' marker. Each hit marker counts as a -1 modifier for combat.

Hit markers can be removed. Hits are cancelled one at a time for each combat won, or can be bought off by spending PIPs (1 PIP per hit marker).

Elements that have taken enough hits to reduce their highest Combat Factor (CF) to Zero cannot advance. If even more hits are taken (so that the number of hit markers exceeds the highest CF), each additional hit forces the element to recoil during its turn (so a Spear that has taken 6 hits has a modified CF of -2, cannot advance and recoils 2 base depths each turn).

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Last Updated: 24 August 2005

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