Variable Morale With Cards

By Andreas Johansson


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One aspect of DBA that can lead to ahistorical play is the fact that commanders know the enemy will break upon the fourth element lost. I had a little idea for introducing some unpredictability here.  The usual victory conditions are ignored. You'll need one standard card deck (remove the jokers). 

Drawing Cards

  • Each time you lose a element other than scythed chariots, draw one card - don't show it to your enemy. 
  • If the element was the general, draw one extra card.
  • If you lose your camp or BUA, draw two cards - if you regain it, discard two cards selected at random.

Morale Effects

  • Each SPADE card is worth 3 "morale hits."
  • Each red card is worth 2.
  • Each clubs card is worth 1.
  • All other cards have no morale effect.


An army that has cards totaling eight or more morale hits at the end of any bound  is defeated.

Should both be defeated in the same bound, the player with the lower morale hits count is the victor.

Should both be defeated in the same bound, and they have equal numbers of morale hits, the battle continues until the end of the next bound where hit counts are unequal.

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Last Updated: 4 August 2009

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