Craggy Hills

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This DBA variant was inspired by the new Craggy Hill terrain type contained in Phil Barker's DBMM rules.  Craggy Hills represent a type of Hill terrain (DBA area terrain feature) that is so steep, rocky or rough as to render normal troop movements impractical. 

For DBA, Craggy Hills are treated as difficult going for Psiloi, which may make individual element moves only, at a movement rate of 200P, and which fight on Craggy Hills at -2.  All other troops treat craggy hills as impassable terrain, and are destroyed if forced to recoil into a Craggy Hill. 

Craggy Hills are optional terrain features for any army whose topography includes Steep Hills (i.e. Arable, Hilly, Dry and Littoral).

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Last Updated: 18 August 2015

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