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DBA 2.0 provides that element capable of dismounting may do so at any time during the game as part of a tactical move, as long as they not end their movement in edge or corner contact with an enemy element. As a result, eligible elements can ride across the board and dismount, placing an enemy in zone of control and forcing them to engage in melee combat. Some feel that this gives more flexibility to dismountable Knights than is historically warranted and that it turns armies with a number of such troops (e.g. Burgundians) into tournament powerhouses.

The following variant rule is based on the presumption that dismountable troops would choose to fight on horseback or foot at an early stage of the battle. Dismountable elements may dismount as a tactical move at any point within the first five bounds, but in no case can they end a dismounting move in an enemy zone of control. A dismounting move costs an extra PIP except in the first bound.

Alternatively, players may opt to use the DBA 1.1 dismounting rule, which provides that the choice of fielding an element as mounted or dismounted must be made during deployment and that the element remains that type for the balance of the battle.

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