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Artillery Fire from Elevations

Artillery, whether in the ancient or medieval period, was often deployed on high ground to improve the observable field of fire, add some range and plunging effect to the projectives, and also for defensive purposes. In many cases, friendly troops were deployed in advance of the artillery on lower ground to help defend it. Given the DBA 2.1 proposal to reduce Artillery's close combat factor to +2, this variant rule allows players to adopt this historical tactic as a way of protecting their now vulnerable artillery.

Artillery on a higher elevation (including artillery deployed in a BUA) can fire over any friendly element on a lower elevation whose front edge is nearer to the artillery element than to the front edge of the target element, as long as the target element is in normal range and not engaged in close combat. All other restrictions on distance shooting apply.

Elevated Shooting

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Last Updated: April 29, 2003

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