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This variant is designed to introduce the concept of enfilade fire into DBA distance shooting, while providing a simple mechanism (in the spirit of the  DBA rules) for differentiating a forward shot from an enfilade shot and a rear shot.  DBA rules currently treat enfilade shooting (i.e. a shot from the flank) the same as shooting on the rear, and there is no fundamental flaw with this system.  However, the concept of enfilade fire and its differentiation from firing on the rear is well-established in other gaming systems.  This variant is provided for those who prefer that concept and its associated rationales.

The basic concept behind enfilade fire is that a line targeted lengthwise presents a better target to shooters and hence is more likely to receive significant damage, as well as the morale effects of being engaged by an enemy from the flank.  Certainly, ancient/medieval soldiers with their shields to the front are very exposed to fire from their rear (as well as their flanks), and enemy in the rear certainly can have very deleterious morale effects.  In many historical instances, however, you read of units that simply turn their rear ranks in place to resist a mounted or missile threat from the rear.  This is less effective on the flanks, where the ratio of attackers to defenders is much higher.

An enfilade shot is defined as distance shooting by any eligible shooter that is within range, and where any portion of the shooting element straddles a line drawn parallel with the rear edge of the target element.  The target element is -1 when shot by enfilade.  Targeted elements recoil or flee normally.

A rear shot is defined as any distance shooting by an eligible element that is within range, and where all of the shooting element is beyond a line drawn parallel with the rear edge of the target element.  The target element is  destroyed if recoiled.

The following diagram illustrates the differences between an enfilade and rear shot.

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