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An optional rule to add additional flavor to your DBA gaming.  Each player draws one card at the beginning of the game from a shuffled deck of standard playing cards.  The card should be retained and hidden from your opponent.  Cards can be played at any time during the game.  Consult the following chart to determine the result associated with each card.  After being played, it is discarded and may not be used again, although its effect may continue.  The chart is also available as a PDF file to make it easier to print a reference copy.







Brush With Death

If cardholder’s CnC element is destroyed in either cardholder or opponent’s bound, CnC does not die, but transfers to nearest friendly element, regardless of type.




Loss of Nerve

One enemy element (other than CnC element) selected by card player temporarily “loses it nerve” and routs as an outcome move during the card player’s bound.




The Fickle Dice

Both sides reroll one combat dice roll and use new result.  Can be played in either bound, but must be played immediately after the die roll in question.


Stalwart Defenders

Camp followers or BUA denizens fight at +2 for balance of game.



Enemy dazzled by sun, -2 modifer to PIP roll in opponent’s bound.




Charismatic Leader

CnC and all elements in same group enjoy +1 combat modifier this bound only.  May only be played if CnC is engaged in close combat.




Fog of War

One enemy element is confused about its orders and cannot move in opponent’s bound.  Card player designates affected element; cannot be the CnC.


Impetuous Advance

One of your elements (of any type) may make a second or subsequent move into close combat at no pip cost.  Can be used by a Warband or Scythed Chariot to make a third move, if ending in close combat.




Finding the Ford

Scouts find a shallow ford across a river, turning any base width section of river designated by card player from regular or difficult to a paltry crossing.  Can be played at any time during the game.




Scouting the Path

Scouts find a path through a bad going terrain piece, allowing a designated element or column to use good going movement during transit.  Good for as many bounds as it requires to complete the transit.


Sudden Rainstorm

All distance shooting at -1 in next turn (affecting both players in both bounds).  Can be played at any time.


Pluck Yew

Distance shooters add +1 this bound only.



Cancel the effect of your opponents card, causing it to be discarded if it has not been played.

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