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Flank Combat Variant

Based on a Proposal by Dusty Koellhoffer

There is an inherent historical "flaw" in DBA combat where an element is fighting a weak element to its front that is supported by a powerful element in flank overlap position. The prime example is a Psiloi frontally attacking a Blade element which is then flank overlapped by a Knight element. Under the DBA rules, the Knight on the flank would aid the Psiloi's combat. Thus the Blade is at +4 and QKed versus the Psiloi at +2. But it has Knights charging it in the flank! This should be a virtual automatic roll-up.

If the Kn were in front, it would be Blade at +2 and QKed if defeated vs the Knight at +3. Having Psiloi hold their attention to the front while they are being hit in the flank by Knights is a more powerful attack. The Psiloi cannot be killed (whereas the Knights have that 1:36 chance).

To restore the historical feel, use the following flank combat variant:

  • When an element is flank overlapped, use the best close combat factor of the participating attackers. In the case of Psiloi attacking Blade frontally with Knight overlap support, the Knight's factor would be used against the Blade, instead of the Psiloi.

  • The outcome of the combat is applied against the element whose combat factor was used. Using our example, in the unlikely event the Blade managed to double the Knights attacking their flank, then the Knights (not the Psiloi) would be destroyed.

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Last Updated: April 26, 2004

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