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Historicon 2002 BUA Rule

By Bob Beattie

At the start of each game, players will declare to each other (before rolling for Defender/Invader) if they want to use a BUA. If either player does NOT want a BUA then it cannot be used by either. Thus both players (sides in the BB game) must agree to use the BUA.

If either player does not want the BUA used then the Defender with an Arable army will pick as a compulsory feature a type that the other Topographies use instead. Thus the Arable defender can pick Steep or Gentle Hills, Woods, Rough, or Waterway. If the first 4, then up to 2 may be selected and both must be of the same type. The Defender may only pick a total of 2 of these types whether Compulsory or Optional so no more than 2 may be on the board. For example, if 2 Woods are picked as the Compulsory type, then no Woods can be selected as an Optional type. If a Waterway is selected, then only 1 is allowed. A Defender without a BUA must have a camp unless fielding more than 1 War Wagon.

If BOTH players agree to use the BUA then it can still be optional for the Arable player as above or used as a compulsory feature. It can be optional for the other Topographies as written. All BUA rules will apply.

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Last Updated: June 13, 2002

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