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Impassable Terrain

Impassable terrain is defined as a DBA terrain feature which prohibits movement or close combat, and can include such typical terrain types as crags, rock spires, gorges, pits, bogs, lakes, cliffs, etc. It is an optional feature on every army topography. No more than one impassable feature may be deployed.

Elements forced to recoil into or across an impassable terrain feature are destroyed. Fleeing elements will change direction by the minimum necessary to avoid an impassable feature.

Impassable features may be treated as an area terrain feature for purposes of size and placement, or in the case of cliffs as a modified linear terrain feature.

A cliff is neither good nor bad going, but troops crossing it are destroyed. It is depicted as a line or raised feature not more than 15mm wide or longer than 1&1/2 the distance between its ends. A cliff can be variable in length from a minimum of two inches to the maximum distance required to stretch from one battlefield edge to another (adjacent or opposite). If 6 base widths or less in length, it can be placed anywhere upon the board. If longer, it must be placed within 6 inches of a board edge and cross only two of the battlefield's quarters. A long cliff must also be adjacent and parallel to a waterway if a waterway feature is present.

Impassable features with a heighth dimension that would block line of sight (rock spires, cliffs, etc.) disrupt command and control and distance shooting like woods.

Optional Rule: By mutual agreement of both players, a BUA may be designated as impassable terrain to both sides and may not be garrisoned, attacked, or held for purposes of victory points. This represents a walled city or substantial fortification that has shut and locked it gates, like the German merchants of Visby did to the native Gotlanders who fought against the Danish invader in that early Medieval battle.

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