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Mongol Flank Marches

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This variant rule was developed for use in the "Baltic Crusades" campaign/tournament held at Historicon 2010, in order to improve game balance for Mongol players strapped with a high aggression army in a tournament format, as well as to simulate the superior command and control and mounted tactics of Mongol armies.

Basically, Mongol armies are allowed to deploy up to four mounted elements as a flank march, using the same rules mechanisms as a Littoral Landing:

  • Flank march is a one PIP tactical move in the first bound only
  • 0-4 mounted elements may be deployed
  • Deployment must be on an side board edge (either side) (with at least 2 elements touching the edge)

If for some reason, the Mongol player elects not to deploy the Flank March in the first bound, the Flank Marching elements are removed from play, but are not treated as lost elements, and the Mongol army breakpoint is adjusted from 4 to 3.

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Last Updated: 18 August 2015

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