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Variant DBA Movement Rates

As suggested by Sui Denym

The following variant to the DBA 2.0 movement rules is adapted directly from the article "DBA 2.0 -- Moving Toward Closure" by Sui Denym, which appears in the January 2002 (#220) issue of the Society of Ancient's Slingshot magazine.

In support of his proposal, Sui Denym asks "Why not allow historical diversity to flourish on the table top while retaining the relative simplicity of the DBA concept by allowing different figure sized elemetns of the same class to behave in the differing ways evinced from history. Instead of referring to movement by troop fighting type, refer to it by movement type; i.e. rapid foot, foot, rapid mounted, mounted, slow mounted and others."

His proposed movement chart has been simplified below and is provided as a variant to the tactical movement distances stated on page 9 of the DBA2.0 rules:

Troop Type Good Going Road Bad Going Non-paltry River
Rapid Mounted
(2Lh, 2Cm)
500P 500P 200P 100P
Reg. Mounted
(3Kn, 6Kn, 3Cv, 6Cv, 3Cm, LCh, ScyCh)
400P 400P 200P 100P
Slow Mounted
(4Kn, HCh, El)
300P 400P 200P 100P
Rapid Foot
(3Sp, 3Bd, 3Ax, 3Bw, 2Ps, 3Wb, 5Wb)
300P 400P 300P 100P
Reg. Foot
(4Pk, 4Sp, 4Bd, 4Ax, 4Bw, 8Bw, 4Wb, 7Hd, CF)
200P 400P 200P 100P
(Art, WW, Lit)
200P 400P N/A 100P

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