Pyramid Tournaments

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The Pyramid Tournament format is optimally designed for eight players and consists of three rounds fought in a four hour time block. It can be adapted to any number of gamers divisible by both the numbers 2 and 4, using a point system to determine the CnC in Round 3.  It works best if focused on a particular historical theme or set of historically matched armies.

In Round 1 (1 hour), players face off in regular DBA battles using whatever method of match-up preferred by the organizer.

In Round 2(1 hour), the winner and their defeated foe join forces in a Doubles DBA game against another set of opponents.

In Round 3 (2 hours), the winner and his three defeated vassals join forces against the other DBA Doubles winner in a Giant Battle DBA game (4 x 4).

In specifying the tournament rules, the organizer must specify whether armies start at full strength each Round or whether they carry forward their casualties (and adjust their breakpoints) from round to round.  Carrying forward casualties may reduce the army's breakpoint...thus potentially shortening the game in case you have a tight time schedule.

The Pyramid Tournament format is a great way to introduce DBA novices to tournament gaming.  They are explosed to both regular and large battle DBA, and the doubles and large battle rounds provide plenty of opportunity for coaching and mentoring by more experienced teammates.

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Last Updated: 18 August 2015

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