Random Terrain Placement

By John Meunier

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Here is an idea for randomizing terrain placement that I have been playing around with. The conceptual basis for this is stolen directly from other WRG rule sets. The justification for it is entirely personal. I'm not a big fan of players having complete control over the exact placement of terrain.

Defender chooses terrain pieces he wants from those allowed on his list.

Board is divided into 9 sectors of equal size.

For each piece of terrain, roll two die (2D6) of different color to determine sector.

First Die Second Die

1,2 = left
3,4 = center
5,6 = right

1,2 = near baseline
3,4 = middle
5,6 = far baseline

Reroll for any result that would be illegal under the rules (WW in center).

Rivers and roads would roll once for entry sector only. (A center, middle result would thus be re-rolled.)

Defender places terrain pieces. All area features must have at least 50 percent of their area in the sector designated by the dice.

Linear features must start in the target sector but can be placed in any other sectors as required to satisfy the rules of their placement in the DBA rulebook.

A WW must include its target sector. (So corner sector designations could run along either board edge.)

Any terrain piece that can be legally placed in its target sector, must be. Any terrain that cannot be placed legally in its target sector gets to reroll.

After placement, attacker would roll for his baseline as per the rules in the book.

Fanatici Feedback

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