Rivers Variant

By Jack Sheriff

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I've wondering for some time now about how rivers might best be handled in DBA. As they stand now, they tend to be very disruptive of the game, and have the potential to bring the game to a screeching halt. Imagine a difficult (6) river stretched between the two armies. You'd be lucky to be able to play at all.  But rivers also feature prominently in many accounts of ancient and medieval battles. So, unlike BUAs, they can't simply be dismissed as out of place.

So what would make a river into an interesting feature, but without making it into something that throws the whole game out of wack? Here is my latest idea for a River variant rule:
  • Follow all the normal rules for placing a river.
  • The river assumes the terrain type of where it's placed. So if it's placed over good going, the river remains good going. If it's placed running through a woods, then the part in the woods is treated as bad going.
  • The river has no affect on movement independent of the terrain type it is placed on. So you can cross the river anyway you like (following the applicable terrain rules, of course).
  • You get a +1 for defending the river bank. An element is defending the river bank if (a) the element is not in a river, and (b) some part of its opponent is in a river.
That's all. With no extra movement restrictions you allow the game to proceed at a normal pace. But the +1 for the river bank gives it some meaning. And the rule for defending the river bank is simple and allows a line of elements to defend a wavy river.

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