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Scorched or Open BUAs

By Chris Pagano

I offer the following variant rule on BUAs. It is not really a new variant; its basic form was used at the 2001 CRUSADES tournament and elsewhere. It is formulated here as a compromise between those who agree with Phil Barker that BUAs should be used with certain army types and those who do not wish to be compelled to play them as written. They also offer an interesting new terrain type for modeling.

The blatantly post hoc rationale for the rule: Often times when faced with an invader a defending people will evacuate a built up area rather than defend it, possibly destroying it to some extent before retreating. Sometimes a portion of the population will remain, with a town or city being declared 'open.' Either way, there is no garrison defending the built up area from the armies of either side.

The short version of the rule:

A BUA may be deployed as "Scorched or Open BUA." Scorched or Open BUAs are treated as WOODS.

The long version of the rule:

The defender has the option of deploying a BUA as a regular BUA that is played as per the 2.0 rules or as a "Scorched or Open BUA." Scorched or Open BUAs are just another terrain type. They are treated as bad going, possibly with a road through it. They block LOS like woods. Scorched or Open BUAs do not replace the defender's camp and do not count towards the army's break point if occupied by enemy. Scorched or Open BUAs are never transformed into 'regular' BUAs or camps when occupied by an element from either side.

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