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Square Element Bases

Proposed by Michael Fischer

In an early review of DBA (Slingshot #151, Sept 1990), Matthew Bennett raised the question: "I wonder why the elements are not all one depth size?" To go one step further, I like to recommend for discussion a proposal made by Michael J. Young in Slingshot #170, Nov 1993:

I propose the use of square bases for all elements, each base containing either one rank of cavalry, or two ranks of infantry [for 15mm+; double the number for 6mm, MF].

I see square bases to have numerous advantages:

  1. It is easy to line up elements involved in a flank attack. With square bases, lining up elements to the flank will be as easy as to the front.
  2. The problem with lines adjusting their formation when they turn through 90 would be removed.
  3. The figures will be aesthetically more pleasing and faster to handle. You will be able to distribute irregular troops in depth as well as in width along the base.
  4. They will make adjudicating movement easier.
  5. With large numbers of infantry figures on a base we can afford a bit of leeway in the numbers. Skirmishers look fine with three on a base instead of four and close order infantry with 7 instead of 8.

To make bases, cut out squares with the same depth dimension as the element frontage. Position your figures with their existing bases on the squares - two ranks deep for infantry and one rank deep for cavalry. The best way is to make the square bases out of magna-base and to stick thin metal to the present bases of your figures. You won't need that much magna-base as all bases are square, remember, so you only need one set of bases no matter how many armies you have.

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