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Archery With An Altitude

by Steven Goode

Historical sources frequently note the advantages in range and penetrating power conferred on missiles when launched from a higher elevation than their intended target. To simulate this effect, missile-capable troops (Bw, WWg, Art) may add 100p to their firing range if every point on the base of the missile unit is at a higher elevation than any point on the base of the prospective target unit.

At close range, archers would often fire their arrows on very steep trajectories, so that they come down on a near-vertical path and the enemy would be unable to use their shields to full effect. To simulate this tactic, Bows and Warwagons get a +1 bonus if engaged in distance shooting at ranges up to 100p. This bonus does not apply to Crossbows.

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Last Updated: Oct. 23, 1998

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