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Variable Board Width

By Chris Pagano

The following is a variant of the DBA deployment rules (updated for v1.2) that allow for the random determination of playing area width for 15mm play. It actually has fewer words than the original. The variant is meant for those who like the idea of a wider playing area for 15mm but either cannot decide what the new width should be or like a good deal of variety. The depth of the playing area remains 24 inches.

Both sides dice for initiative. The two initiative dice are also added to 24 and this is the width of the playing area in inches (e.g., if the dice are 5 and 2 the playing area is 31 inches wide). Any tie is then re-rolled. The lower scorer chooses the terrain from that available. The high scorer choses one of the longer sides as his base edge and places his camp. The low scorer places his camp. The high scorer now deploys all his troops within 600p of his base edge or of its shore line if it is a sea edge. The low scorer then does the same. The high scorer then takes the first bound.

If you start with a basic 36 by 24 inch game board, you can indicate the variable side boundaries by folding under your game cloth at the desired width or by marking a boundary with kitty litter, string or colored yarn, felt strips or yard-sticks, or other suitable marker.

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Last Updated: July 27, 1999

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