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Bonus PIPs

This variant rule provides each Command in Chief with a small reserve of discretionary PIPs that can be used in an attempt to tip the tide of battle, to stem reverses, to recoup losses, or to counter an opponent who's attempting to do any of the above.

At the beginning of each game, after initial deployment and before the first movement bound, the attacker rolls 1D6. The result is the number of bonus PIPs available to each player for use during the course of the game. A bonus pip can be used at any point for any of the following purposes:

When using Bonus Pips to modify Close Combat or Distance Shooting or to cancel out such a modification, the Bonus PIPs must be claimed and applied before the results die is thrown.

Four Bonus Pips (if available) may also be expended to recover a previously destroyed element. The recovered element is placed on the game board along the front edge of the friendly camp. The recovered element may move and fight normally, and no longer counts as a lost element for purposes of determining victory conditions. This expenditure cannot be cancelled by the opposing player.


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Last Updated: Feb. 29, 1999

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