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By Jim Wright

Way back in my college days my friends and I fought for possession of the "Holy Cow", a little black and white plastic cow worth a buck or two. Lots of fun and bragging rights involved. Now lets put our collective mind to the task of making a list of RELICS with a twist for use with the standard DBA Campaign rules.

Put RELIC names on pieces of paper. Put papers in container. Draw one piece of paper for each player. These players are the owners of the RELIC on the paper at the start of the campaign.

Each RELIC starts with the owning player's army wherever the army starts the game.

Each RELIC is captured by the army that defeats the owning player's army in battle or seige.

Certain motivational or even magical powers can be ascribed to RELICS in advance.

RELICS are moved with the army and they must be present on the battlefield to have an effect.

Historical Relics

Some possibilities include the Ark of the Covenant, bronze idols of various sorts, the Holy Grail, a piece of the True Cross, the Holy Lance, the banners of St. Cuthbert and St. Peter (displayed against the pagan Scots at the Battle of Durham), the Byzantine ikon of Our Lady of Blacherne, the Raven banner flown by the sons of Ragnar, the heart of Robert the Bruce wrapped in the banner of the Black Douglas' and carried on Crusade, etc.

Not So Historical Relics

  • THE HOLY COW - owner who fails at a seige, rolls a D6, 1-3 loses element per rules, 4-6 does not lose element.

  • THE BIG STICK - owner gets to reroll close combat die roll twice per battle.

  • BALLS OF BRASS - owner gets to move as many elements as desired into close combat. The elements must start within normal movement reach of enemy element that is contacted. Basically free movement into close combat when within movement distance. Can be done once per battle.

  • THE OBJECT OF LUST - owner gets to reroll PIP roll twice per battle.

  • THE SHAFT - owner gets to reroll distance shooting die roll twice per battle. Can use only once per turn.

  • THE NIKE - owner gets to double movement rate of an element or group twice per battle. Does not have to same element or group each time used. Can only use once per turn.

  • THE MAP OF SHORTCUTS - each campaign turn, owner rolls D6, 1-3 nothing happens, 4-6 owner gets extra movement stage if desired.

  • THE ROYAL HEADACHE - If the owner has an overlord, the owner and his overlord each roll a D6. Owner may decline to send troops while a tributary if owner rolls higher. This roll must be made each time the overlord asks for an allied contingent. If owner has no overlord, at the start of the owner's campaign turn, the owner and all other non-tributary players roll a D6, 1 lose a prestige point, 2-5 no effect, 6 gain a prestige point.

Notes: ALL REROLLS - The reroll must be used. You cannot reroll a reroll.

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Last Updated: Dec. 11, 1999

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