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Casualty Stands

Jonathan Lim: I was just thinking, I'd just read Livy's description of the Battle of Zama, with the Romans unable to advance properly because of the slippery corpses and blood of the Carthaginians. Maybe when an element dies it should be replaced by a blood 'n' gore element that slows you down!

Inspired by Jonathan Lim's Fanaticus posting, this variant rule provides a twist on the standard DBA game and gives you an excuse to paint up casualty stands to go with your DBA army.

Any element that is destroyed by missile fire or close combat is replaced with a casualty stand of the same dimensions. The casualty stand is treated as bad going terrain. It may not move and remains where positioned for the balance of the game. Any element may interpenetrate a casualty stand by movement and may end a turn fully or partially on top of a casualty stand. Any element that engages in close combat while in contact with a casualty stand from their own army fights with a -1 die modifier due to morale considerations.

Gamer Feedback

Joe Mann: Given my understanding of what element elimination means (i.e., sometimes it means heavy casualties; sometimes, simple loss of unit cohesion), I wonder about always replacing lost units with a "terrain marker" except I guess maybe individuals from the non-cohesive unit are still hanging around the same spot and are just as much an impediment as slippery corpses. Anyway, the long ands short of it is, I'd suggest rolling a die and placing the impediment only some of the time.

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Last Updated: April 2, 1999

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