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The following proposed variant rule is all about gamesmanship and suffers no pretense regarding historical appropriateness. It is offered just for fun to test your skills as a DBA general.

The normal DBA deployment rules are discarded. Instead, a selection of terrain and an assortment of 50 or more DBA elements of various types is placed in full view of both players. The assortment of elements should include if possible at least 2 elements of each DBA troop type. The fact that elements are from different armies/periods is irrelevant.

Once the available terrain and troop elements are displayed, Players roll die to determine draft order. The high roller selects first and may choose one element of troops or one piece of terrain. The low roller selects next. The draft continues until each player has selected a total of 15 elements or terrain pieces. A player must select a minimum of 9 elements. Otherwise, the number of elements can be variable (i.e., you do not have to have exactly 12 elements in your army, but may elect to choose a greater or lesser number). Elements or terrain pieces are announced as they are selected so that both players are aware of the other's choices round by round.

Once the drafting of elements and terrain is completed, deployment proceeds as follows:

  1. Low roller places terrain within home half of board.
  2. High roller places terrain within home half of board.
  3. Low roller places camp followed by high roller.
  4. Low roller deploys troops within 600p of base edge.
  5. High roller deploys troops within 600p of base edge.
  6. High roller rerolls PIP die and moves the first bound.

Terrain placed within a player's home half may overlap the dividing line (i.e. the middle of the board) by no more than 1/2 its volume.

Normal victory conditions (i.e., kill the opposing general and/or four elements, take the camp, etc.) apply regardless of army size.

And may the best player (or the one with the luckiest die) win!

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Last Updated: Jan. 12,1999

My thanks to Joe Mann who inspired this variant. Comments and suggestions welcome. Send them to Chris Brantley, IamFanaticus@gmail.com.