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The following variants propose use of a modified1D4 as an alternative to rolling 1D6 for pips.

Method One by Paul Owen and Paul Rice

We recommend using 1d4+1 for C&C pips, giving a spread of 2-5, rather than 1-6. This eliminates those "paralyzing ones" and "blitzkrieg sixes", helps play balance, and frankly makes it a more fun game. Players without a d4 may use a d6 and just reroll 1s and 6s.

Method Two by Bill Boyette and Mark Indiveri

My buddy Mark Indiveri and I have been using a different method for generating PIPs. We have also changed the way we use PIPs in a few of ways. Instead of using a d6 (1-6 PIPs) we use a d4 +1 for the Generals element for a total of (2-5 PIPs). The Generals PIP (+1 PIP) must be used under the following conditions:

  • The +1 PIP may only be used by the Generals element (or a group he is in) OR an element/group within 600 paces of the Generals element.
  • If the General is in a BUA/Camp, Marsh/Oasis, or Wood, his PIP can only be used by his element OR an element he is in base to base contact with (This conforms, mostly, with the LOS rules)
  • The +1 PIP MUST be used as the last PIP of the bound.
  • The +1 PIP is lost to the player if the Generals element is lost.

Making the Generals PIP (the +1 PIP) the last to be used in a bound makes the generals position on the field critical since he must be in the immediate vicinity of his troops to fully exert his influence on the battle. So for example the +1 PIP can't be used to do things like, making secondary tactical moves by LH (to take a camp) or by Wb (to make a flank charge) unless the General is positioned to issue this 'command' himself.

Bob Beattie: I have a couple of comments. First if there is always a minimum of 2 pips then players with elephants, WWg, and Hordes will always be able to move them. But with a max of 5 then they can never move more than 2. Also losing a general is devastating in this system as then the most number of elements that can be moved is 2 instead of 3.

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