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Big Battle - Every Option Variant

By Jim Wright

Each player rolls a D6. High roll chooses an army from a list of armies available. That player is the attacker. The other player is the defender. The defender chooses an army from the list of historical opponents.

Each player's army consists of ALL the options in ALL their variations. However many elements this results in is the army each player will field. Fair or unfair, that's the army.


Early North Greek, #24c (1Cv, 2Cv + 2LH, 1LH + 1Sp, 6Sp, 1Ax + 1Ps, 1Ps) would field an army of 3Cv, 3LH, 7Sp, 1Ax and 2Ps or 16 total elements.

Early Achaemenid Persians, #28a (3Cv, 2LH + 2Ps, 3Bw, 4Bw + 1Sp + 3Ax) would field an army of 3Cv, 2LH, 7Bw, 1Sp, 3Ax, 2Ps or 18 elements.

War of the Roses English, #179 foes (2Kn + 2Bd, 4Bd, 3Lb, 2Bd + 2Bw + 2Ax, 1Art + 1Ps) would field 2Kn, 8Bd, 3Lb, 2Bw, 2Ax, 1Art, 1Ps or 19 elements.

French Ordonnance, #178 (5Kn + 5Bd + 2Lb, 3Kn + 2Cv + 2Pk, 2Lb + 2Cb, 1Bd, 1Art, 1Ps) would field 8Kn, 2Cv, 6Bd, 4Lb, 2Cb, 2Pk, 1Art, 1Ps for a grand total of 26 elements.

Setup and play are per "normal" DBA rules. A 3x2 or 3x3 board (or larger) should be used.

Victory Conditions

The first side, that at the end of any bound, has lost either its general or one-third of its total elements not including Scythed Chariots, and has also lost more such elements than the enemy, loses the battle.

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Last Updated: Jan. 10, 2000

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