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Wheeling Into Flanks

In the De Bellis Multitudinus (DBM) 2.0 rules, any supporting element which is capable of wheeling into flank contact with an enemy element may do so regardless of move allowance. In DBA, wheels are strictly limited to the available movement allowance. As a result, heavy infantry with a 200 pace movement allowance (i.e., Blades, Spear, Pikes, and Warband) is not able to move from a supporting position to a flank position in one bound.

The basic wheel into flanking position is illustrated below where supporting element C is wheeling onto the flank of enemy element 2:

                           |  |   <-   
           +------++------+|C'|       \
           |  1   ||  2   ||  |          Wheel
           +------++------++--+        | Into Flank
           |  A   ||  B   ||  C   |   /
           +------++------++------+ -

This variant rule would adopt the DBM 2.0 convention of allowing all elements to wheel into flanks as follows:

Any supporting element may wheel up to 90 degrees onto an enemy element's flank in one bound and is allowed to exceed its movement allowance by the amount necessary to complete the wheel.

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Last Updated: Sept. 19, 1998

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