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DBA 2.0 prescribes an "optimum" playing area of 24 inches or 600mm square for 15mm or smaller figures or 36 inches (900mm) square for 25mm. This creates a very compact battlefield that allows players to deploy a battleline stretching almost all the way across the board, especially when combined with a BUA or terrain. This effectively eliminates flanking movements, and limits the effectiveness of Light Horse and other armies that relied on mobility. This "small" board also more frequently takes on an "edge of the world" quality in close combats fought near board edges, which affects tactics in what many believe are non-historical ways. To address this problem, the following variant rules are suggested for Board sizes

The Large Board

Players use a 32 inch (800mm) square board for 15mm, or 48 inches (1200mm) square for 25mm. Armies deploy within 1000p of their base edge, or the shore of a waterway edge, and at least 300p of a battlefield side edge unless in a BUA or camp. This ensures that armies start 12 inches apart as on the small board, so as not to slow the game. The camp is deployed as normal on the baseline. All other terrain and deployment rules remain the same. This rule is used in NASAMW sanctioned DBA tournaments where large boards are elected.

The Rectangular Board

Players use a 32 inch (800mm) by 24 inch (600mm) rectangular board for 15mm, or 48 inches (1200mm) by 36 inches (900) for 25mm. Set terrain as normal. Instead of numbering all four edges, invader chooses preferred long base edge. Alternatively, players may agree to choose by die roll, where invader numbers one long base edge 1-2 and the other 3, 4, 5, 6 and then rolls for home base edge. Deployment must be at least 300p from each side edge unless in a BUA or camp.

Gamer Input

Paul Owen : I would go along with a wider board with the following additional rule "One command-and-control point (PIP) is needed for every 1200 paces (or fraction thereof) separating the general's element from the element or group to be moved; one PIP is needed for every 600 paces (or fraction thereof) separating them if the element or group to be moved is beyond a hill, wood, built-up area, or fortification)."

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