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Random Game End

By Tony Stapells

Due to the vagaries of combat night can fall, and battles end much quicker - or last much longer - than a general might wish it to. By using this variant rule, it hopefully will give the players a sense of that fog of war, and definitely give the attacking player a sense of time pressure. This particular idea is most useful in either a scenario or a campaign game battle, where there is a specified attacker and defender. The original mechanism was pinched from Peter Pig's excellent "AK-47 Republic" in the RFCM series.

At the beginning of the scenario or battle, choose an ending number. I'd suggest one between 30-40. (But what do I know? Still haven't playtested this one either). Then play as normal, except that the players should keep a running tally of the attacker's pips thrown. By player agreement, you could use the actual pip die rolled or specify that only pips actually used are tallied against the random game end point. Thus if you roll a 6 for player initiative but only use 3 pips, you only count 3 pips toward the game end total.

As soon as the tally exceeds the ending number, night has fallen and the battle is over, unless the battle has already ended by one army breaking. Alternatively, you can roll 1D6 every turn after the total is reached and on a 1, then night falls. If dusk overtakes the battle before an army has reached its breakpoint, then the defender is deemed to have won.

As another variant it also might be interesting to play to nightfall no matter how many losses you have taken to determine how many elements you can save from the debacle. In a campaign situation this might be very appropriate.

This rule would obviously provide the attacker with a need to attack as quickly as possible. Ironically, however, the attacker might not wish to roll many sixes for pips!

(Original variant)

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Last Updated: August 23, 1999

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