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Variable Strength BUAs

By Bob McDonald

Not all BUA's are created equal. In the same province during the same era, two nearby towns could be radically different with regard to defense. Maybe players should dice for the "quality" of the BUA, similar to the way we dice for river depth. However, unlike river depth, it would be obvious even in the distance whether you were considering a Baron's castle or a collection of peasant hovels, so the BUA quality is public knowledge right away.

Here's a straw-man rule for your consideration: Defending player dices for BUA "hardness" after terrain placement, but before dicing for baselines.

1 +1 (just a sleepy little village)
2-3 +2 (has a wall around it, at least)
4-5 +3 (getting serious now)
6 +4 (it's a castle, forget about assaulting it)

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Last Updated: September 16, 2000

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