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PIP Determination With 2D6

By Erik Kleinsmith

Use a 2d6/2 system to determine movement points for an army.

As it stands now with a 1D6 system, each number (1-6) has a 17% chance of being rolled. Rolling two dice and dividing by two would give you higher percentages to roll 3s and 4s over 1s and 6s. By rounding up the percentages come out to: 1=3%, 2=14%, 3=25%, 4=31%, 5=19%, 6=8%.

You could round up for a good commander and round down for a poor commander with these results: 1=8%, 2=19%, 3=31%, 4=25%, 5=14%, 6=3%.

This could also be apply to whomever was the defender of a particular piece of terrain and therefore would surrender a certain amount of initiative to the attacking who could use the former percentages for his roll.

Going to an extreme, you could also add +1 or -1 to a roll for either army commanders or wing commanders in Big DBA.

I have not play-tested this but it just makes things a little more predictable for the military planner.

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Last Updated: Dec. 17, 1998

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