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Concealed Pits

Adapted from a
Rule Developed By
Ulrich Schulte-Ebbert
The Dortmund Amateur Wargamers

In certain historical scenarios, it may be appropriate to allow the use of concealed pits. Prepare a number (20-30) of small markers (4 cm wide by 3 cm deep). The top of each marker can be illustrated to create the appearance of a pit. The bottom should be marked either "real" or "dummy". One half of the pits should be marked real and one half dummy.

Pits are placed on the board during the deployment stage by the defender. Pit markers must be placed bottom down within bow shot range of the defender's principal line of battle.

When ever an element touches a marker representing a "concealed" pit, the marker is turned bottom up so that the nature of the pit is revealed. Dummy pits can be removed. Real pits are left on the board.

The effects of moving into contact with a pit marker are as follows:

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Last Updated: Feb. 28, 1999

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