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By Tony Stapells

In DBA, impetuous troop types automatically advance one base depth after winning a combat, or after their opponents break off a close combat. It nicely simulates the rash nature of certain troop types, such as warband or knights. Unfortunately in DBA, although the combat results may be rather unpredictable, the followup move of the impetuous element is always one base depth and therefore entirely predictable. And perhaps a bit unrealistic.

As an alternative, after an enemy element is destroyed by an impetuous troop type or if an enemy element disengages from close combat, roll a D3. (To get a D3 result roll a normal six sided die, and divide by two, rounding up). That is the number of element base depths the impetuous element must pursue in a line straight ahead. The second rank of supporting warbands shall follow the first element's pursuit move (unless of course, you're using my more specialized warband rules).

Should the pursuing element encounter other elements (enemy or friendly) or impassable terrain, the pursuing element shall stop at that point. Note that pursuits off the board edge are indeed quite possible. An impetuous element that pursues off the table is counted as lost. Also please note that only impassable terrain stops an element...mounted impetuous units can end their pursuit in bad going.

Impetuous elements that win a combat, but fail to destroy their opponents followup one base depth as per the normal DBA rules.

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Last Updated: June 11, 2000

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