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Recoils from Rear Fire

The DBA rules provide that a recoiling element must retire directly to its rear. No provision is made for those occasional situations where the recoil is forced by an enemy element engaged in Distance Shooting from the rear quarter. In these cases, a literal interpretation of the rule requires the targeted element to recoil rear-first directly toward the source of danger! This makes no sense in historical terms and has been corrected in DBM and HOTT, although Phil Barker has not endorsed a similar fix for DBA. Therefore, the following is offered as a variant rule for DBA:

An element targeted by distance shooting from the rear quarter will turn to face the shooting element, and if forced to recoil, it will recoil directly away from the shooting element.

Note that this variant only concerns recoils caused by distance shooting from the rear quarter. The target element's flank quarter is distinguished from its rear corner by a 45% line drawn bisecting each corner of the element base as follows:

           Flank Q.   |  Target |
                    /    Rear Q.

A shooting element which straddles the 45% line seperating flank from rear quarters is presumed to be in whichever quarter the majority of its base area falls within.

An element targeted by distance shooting from the flank quarter is not required to turn to face the threat, since a recoil would carry the targeted element away from the danger, and since the occasional flank shot is presumed to be an occupational hazard during the advance, unlike having enemy in your rear.

Gamer Feedback

Jim Davis: I have my own house rule here. If a unit is forced to recoil when attacked by ranged combat to its rear, then it flees in the opposite direction from the attacking bows. I feel a simple recoil would not be enough. If it did enough damage to recoil then it really should rout the unit (due to surprise).

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Last Updated: March 16, 1999

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