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Seiges and Artillery

With noteable exceptions (such as the Mongols who enlisted the aid of Chinese engineers), barbarians were typically less adept at seigecraft than other more "civilized" societies who were able to employ specialized seige engines, artillery, and sophisticated techniques such as mining to overcome otherwise impenetrable defenses. DBA's campaign rules make no distinctions between armies and their seige capabilities. The challenge is whether you can add this additional layer of historical detail without adding unwelcome complexity to a simple and elegant rules system.

If you accept the rationale that any army that employs artillery in the field is also likely to be skilled at siege work, then one option that can be employed is to simply add a +1 to the seige die roll of any army that includes artillery in its current deployment. If a defending army also has artillery available, modify the seige die roll by -1.

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Last Updated: Jan. 4, 2000

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