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Seige Losses

DBA's campaign rules provide that an attacking field army loses one element after each unsuccessful season of seigework against a city defended by a field army. Even accounting for losses attributable to unsuccessful sorties and maintaining difficult logistics for an army in the field, it seems somewhat odd that seige loses would be one-sided. After all, it is the beseiged who is cut off from food supplies, bombarded, overcrowded in conditions that promote the spread of sickness and disease, and subjected to the constain strain of maintaining a vigilant defense, which serves to wear out soldiers, break down the efficiency of units, and saps the defender's will to resist.

Instead, the DBA campaign system provides the defender very good odds of surviving the first two rounds of seige, after which they can venture forth to give battle having reduced their opponent by at least two elements.

To better reflect (in this author's opinion) the historical attrition suffered by both the beseiger and the beseiged, the following variant rule is proposed. Following an unsuccessful seige attempt, each player rolls 1D6. The player with the low result removes one element of choice to reserve, reflecting attrition during the seige. If the result is a tie, both players remove one element.

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Last Updated: Jan. 3, 2000

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