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Timed Moves

The following system is offered as an alternative to the standard PIP die system for determining how many elements/groups may be moved in a given bound. It is designed to promote rapid play and the necessity of quick judgment in making command decisions.

The system works as follows. At the beginning of the bound, the player rolls a PIP die. The result is multiplied by 5 seconds. For example, on a PIP roll of 3, the moving player has 15 seconds within which to complete all movements. The opposing player (or umpire if available) keeps track of time using a stopwatch, which starts when the PIP die is rolled. The moving player has until time expires to move all desired individual elements and groups. When the opposing player or umpire announces "TIME," all movement must stop.

No other PIP restrictions apply (i.e. a player can move some or all elements if time permits). There is no additional PIP penalty for moving out of control troops. There is no two PIP movement penalty for Elephants, but their basic movement rate is reduced to 200P in good going or 100P in bad going).

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Last Updated: Sept. 9, 1999

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