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Unattached Generals Variant Rule

By Kyle Burley
(With minor modifications)

Ever thought of seperate general elements for DBA? I was thinking that having a seperate general's element represented by the "great man" himself along with a standard bearer would be nice. The following rules apply:

  1. Moves as Light Horse (500P)

  2. Connects with element at the rear to provide +1 support during combat. (In the case of an already supported element, the General's element is placed behind the supporting element for convenience but provides its +1 bonus to the front rank element and shares its fate.)

  3. Can disengage from one element and move to another in one turn but only if the latter element is within 500P and no movement through an enemy zone of control is required.

  4. May not attack, but defends at +2 versus foot or mounted when by itself.

  5. Is destroyed if unit attached to is also destroyed.

  6. Can be captured if left out to dry.

What do you think? I hate having to base the general on a single combat element for the entire game. Good generals always moved to the decisive point of the battle to inspire and propel their troops to victory.

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Last Updated: June 16, 1998

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