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By Bob Beattie

The following is an variant rule developed for use in NASAMW DBA Tournaments at Historicon 2002. Disregard all references to BUAs. In its place, substitute a new terrain feature called the Village.

The Village is required for Arable armies and is an optional feature for all others except the Forest topography.

The Village can be depicted as a farm, enclosed fields, orchards, or a small village. If the opponent does not object, players may use their current BUA piece for this feature even if it is polygonal. Otherwise, players should use an oval shaped feature or piece of material.

The Village is in keeping with the author's view that agricultural networks were important in societies, thus this new feature is a lesser version of the BUA in principle.

The Village shall have all the features and effects of the Woods terrain type. Players may have 2 Woods features and 2 Villages as well, just as they may have two of anything except Oasis. Being treated as Woods means the Village:

  1. Is an area feature of the same size and shape as Woods (except as noted above).
  2. Counts nothing toward winning and losing the game.
  3. Is bad going.
  4. Can be placed anywhere on the board subject to area feature rules.
  5. Can have one or two on the board if either required or optional features.
  6. Has its edge like Woods so it blocks shooting from or at an element base edge entirely beyond it and prevents shooting within it.
  7. Like Woods, after the first bound, requires elements beyond it pay an extra PIP if General is 600 paces away.
  8. Like Woods, after the first bound, requires elements other than the General's pay an extra PIP if the General's element is in it.

In addition to a village(s), both players must also field a camp.

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Last Updated: June 1, 2002

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